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Sorry if the large capital letters caught you off guard, I know sometimes it reads like yelling, which is exactly how I intended it here :) I am seriously considering climbing on top of my little cottage to shout it out. But alas I am far too tired from today's excitement. And man oh man was there excitement. 

If I have spoken with you within the last two weeks my tone regarding the wedding may have been slightly stressed. There had been several occurrences outside of my realm of control that had kind of rained on my parade, and honestly as much as I tried to fight it, I felt so uninspired. And I love to be inspired. So this was a bummer. 

But fast forward to today and many of those issues have been resolved and I was ready to be back on track. I hit the trail again looking for venues mostly online feeling a sure feeling I had found many wonderful venues but not mine. We found places that would have been great, beautiful, fun, but there was a certain something missing, I had NO idea what that something was, but I knew it was out there. I can't remember if it was Tuesday or Wednesday when I was laying on the couch recovering from my accident that I'll write about here later, that I found IT.  The arsenal in Benicia, Ca. It was so unique, quirky, charming, and just flat out rad. Looking at it I just knew that had to be where Brett and I get married. Looking at the prices my heart was all a flutter, not only was it wonderful it was so in our budget!!!!! I called and made an appointment to check it out and this morning Stef and I piled in the bug and hit the road. Samie met us there and before our official tour started we knew the looking was finally over! The only bummer our original date 11.11.11 was taken (sniff sniff but not surprising) but the Saturday before was available so we snatched it up!! Our date is now 11.5.11 at 5 in the afternoon!!

So without further ado here are some photos of the amazing place we are to be wed....

So this staircase is in the ceremony room and my bridesmaids and I will make our entrance down them with our escorts waiting at the bottom! I think it is SO cool :)

 The blank white wall is a little drab but it will be the home of a rockin arch/altar/something awesome we'll stand under :)
 Random door in the ceremony room that when closed a curtain is draped over, this is also a possibility for the recital of the vows
 My beautiful MOH this is the cool entrance to the ceremony room
 This is the room the reception will be held in. It was pretty awesome that there was going to be a wedding later in the day because we got to see how all the chairs and tables will look all set up 

 Doorway to the bar!
 The bar room where drinks and cocktail hour will happen. I'm so giddy just looking at these again.
 Momma Stef hanging out behind the bar

I hope that you love this as much as I do!! Or at least see a little bit of the potential it has :) I think this is going to be so stinkin perfect and when its all decked out it is going to be the most amazing thing! But that is not all today held in store. 

We did a little shopping in Benicia and if you haven't before your missing out! There was this awesome little shop/studio right next to the arsenal called Hip Chick Designs. This store seriously rocked my socks and the owner Carrie, is super rad! She was so much fun and had so much energy and great stuff!! So great in fact that we may be featuring her at our wedding by renting a bunch of her goodies! 

Stef bought this wooden ironing board for us from her and it is seriously one of the coolest pieces in my house right now. I'm dreaming it will be the guestbook sign in table :)
 And this is the fabulous Carrie. If your haven't clicked the link above do it now. You won't regret it.

Love really does make this world go round.

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